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"The beginning is the most important part of the job!" (Currently Plato) A reliable partner at your side is more important than just a product! We are by your side.

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Premium products Premium, first class, best quality, a reward for the consumer. With us it is not just empty words. If we are not 100% convinced of a product, we firstly do not invest in it and much more importantly we do not even offer it to our customers and friends. This is the only way to build trust. We make the exclusive selection for you! What we mean by "premium"? The right ingredients, the exclusive look and the right story. The total package matters. Of course, the contents and ingredients always have priority, but the eye is catching, so that the optic / cover of a product is also of high importance. In the end, the story has to be right so that the whole package is coherent. At PA-THOS, we combine years of experience in gastronomy and engineering, constantly keep an eye on the latest trends and innovation, and are thus able to quickly identify premium food and consumer goods. This is what we do with passion  PA-THOS!


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"The most pleasant thing is to get what you want." - said Thales of Miletus! You are looking for a product for your business. No problem. We will find every product for you within two days!

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